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Series: "Back to the Roots"

This series is a major work of recent art.

After experimenting with the free technique of applying acrylic paints on paper and exploring its possibilities in a liquid state, I waited to see where this journey would take me...

Together with the earthy palette of 4 colors, the emphasis on texture and underdrawing with natural charcoal (from the stove), I understood that I was depicting essences, images from my childhood that stuck in my consciousness/unconsciousness.

Experiences from raw nature, wet clay, fire and stove are visually transformed into this very series of paintings.

It is also a reference to the "primitive" way of life of our ancestors. "Primitive" is a question mark, perhaps it is precisely this close relationship with nature that we "civilized" people lack today...

This is back to the roots for me... 

And what does "back to the roots" mean to you?

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