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Exhibition extended until April 20, 2023.


This exhibition includes abstract paintings as the individual series were created chronologically over the course of one year. In March 2022, during the course "Creative visional program" under the guidance of the American artist Nicolas Wilton, the first series and individual attempts of abstract painting were created.

The result of the creative program was the first "Waves" series, which was influenced by the visual style of the American teacher.

Then I concentrated on a more personal expression, on finding my authentic style, which appeals to and attracts me as an artist. We learned to find my preferences, my favorite procedures and techniques. The first series of truly authentic creations under the name "Boulders" was created.

Series were created in a similar time horizon. "Back to the roots", "Textures" and "Timeless. On the one hand, we experimented with the textures of the painting, the limited color, but also the mental content of the image, reaching into the conscious and unconscious level of perception and expression of memories, moods, feelings, thoughts, etc.

I was very interested in this, at the same time as self-discovery, getting deeper into the unconscious part of my nature. I am deepening this knowledge by studying this topic...

At the same time, the discovery of art techniques creates other series such as: "Monoprints".

"Scrab art" - "Scratched" technique into the lower layer of acrylic paints.

"Spey art" - experiments with spray paints on paper.

"Posters" are created by printing colored textures on paper on a larger scale. This technique really appeals to me and I am going to devote more attention to it in my next work...

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